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SOAP Treatment

By | January 29, 2019

It is normal that the first applications of Tretin produce a bit of dryness, redness, and irritation of the skin, particularly around the mouth, although this tends to disappear as follows by applying the cream, skin gets used. The dryness is beneficial for patients with acne, since it cleanses the skin. If you are uncomfortable […]

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Perfect Work

By | February 17, 2016

Some objectives will be achieved in the set time, others in something more than what was planned and others will simply be required to change as not being viable, this will happen in everything what they undertake by it should not discourage or lead to think to abandon what has been proposed, is simply flexible […]

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Hector Alexander

By | November 25, 2015

It is my opinion that in times of crisis is where it leaves out the true character of a people. Latin America, marked by sarcasm and pessimism, has one of the worst forecasts of growth at a global level: a fall of 1.5% in the economic activity in Latin America. Bradley Tusk is likely to […]

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The Difference

By | February 6, 2015

Because we are going to start to autosugestionar us, that idea has value. Loco is who expects different results doing the same things.Albert Einstein. I put the example of this young man, because is that there are thousands of people like this young man, who does not dare to realize their ideas for fear of […]

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The Keys To Success

By | September 2, 2013

Summary: In this article I intend to teach you a few general keys to help you achieve success in whatever you propose. There are people who seem to achieve success very easily, or at least it seems to us, and we usually designate them, as lucky. Or we think that they are successful because they […]

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