OPEC Energy

In order to properly assess the evolving situation today in the Russian advertising industry, particularly in the packaging industry, it is necessary to understand what is happening in the market of Russian producers. After all, advertising and packaging – an area of business services, their market is secondary to market producers and are determined. The economy and market goods of final consumption Sadly, today the state Russia's economy depends on the situation in the global energy market. At the same time fixed by the economic growth of around 5%, is largely determined by production growth in the extractive industries, rather than in industries producing goods for final consumption. At the same time Russia is still very low per capita income. In addition, its value in recent years has greatly influenced the growth rates of natural monopolies, carried out under pressure to liberalize the energy market of the countries – participants of the WTO, which ultimately leads to a decrease in personal disposable income of citizens.

This, in turn, inhibits growth in Russia consumer goods market. In addition, one of the main indicators, which rely on the developers of the annual budget of the country, is the level of oil prices. Thus, by enabling conditions in world energy markets, the behavior of countries – OPEC members depend on execution of the budget of the Russian Federation, which means that timely payments to state employees (retirees, teachers, soldiers, doctors and many others) and the availability of grants and targeted use. The fall in oil prices leads to non-performance of budget revenues, cuts in budget expenditures, delays in pension payments, wages and benefits, and thus to reduce effective demand.