Power Outlet Client

How to enable three-phase motor into a power outlet. Secretary of Agriculture does not necessarily agree. Recently, I began to write, so to speak, short articles on electric motors. The topics of daily stress of life. I am working in the sales department Electric companies – is rather big company in Ukraine, daily selling thousands of common industrial electric motors. I hope the reader will forgive me a word of advertising.

And, more recently, in late November 2009, to our firm, asked the customer with the highest electrical background, who considered himself just assom in the world of electrical engineering. Back in his garage, he was making some intricate mechanism, part of which was motor. The tension in the house 220 W. I understand. We were on a firm client had asked him to put the motor on two 220 V 380 V I communicated with the buyer, said, why would he drive a 220 volt in the economy. Tried to convince to buy single-phase motor. However, the customer is always right, after some negotiations, was sold for 220 380 Volt motor. Then began an epic, with the consultation.

Month the client was trying to run the motor with homemade devices, made up which included capacitors. The engine would not start, despite our advice and tips. Then a client accused us that the engine was sold to him rejected. However, having arrived at the service Electric company client was surprised that the motor works fine. But seeing in the eyes of the customer in any doubt, we have replaced him an electric motor, a new one.