Telephone Conference

It is all the more important, nothing was lost by the results. But how to draw on the best all results, opinions and thought-provoking? Previous methods based either on expensive equipment or the handwritten record – but with elaura selects is now a copywriting with in the Conference a. On Wednesday morning at the muster GmbH: Managing Director Mr Mustermann asks five colleagues on a conference call to talk personally about an important project. This meeting can take several hours to complete; all participants lose important work time and turn back on other projects.

The results should therefore agree and be fully logged. A normal telephone conference so – with one major exception. Elaura logged here instead of a Secretary or an expensive digital Dictaphone. Everything that needs to be done for it is the elaura phone server call. So, for example, the entire meeting can be recorded to capture all the nuances of timely. Conversation breaks are filtered out in this of course. Others who may share this opinion include music downloads.

After the immediate processing of caller gets sent to the call log directly in writing this saves time and costs. So, who has placed or opinion which thesis, what more information is needed or what really has been agreed remains traceable. The data are encrypted and anonymized in the system so that operating internals are absolutely safe. Call log by elaura: capture all the details! Compared to other methods of logging elaura has the advantage that it is unbeatably easy and cheap. Even writing may seem at first as an alternative. However the activity of writing distracts too much, to participate more constructively in the talks. Also may find it difficult even experienced writers, with fast speeches or confused raised objections focused to remain. Digital voice recorders, however, are expensive and deliver the dictation only as audio file. Lukas Klein, project manager of the elaura GmbH. “Here again typists or a speech recognition software would be needed”, explains “Speech recognition requires doing some installation and training expenses and often has problems with multiple simultaneous speaking people especially when speak this dialect.” These disadvantages prove in a telephone conference of course particularly acute. The Central typing elaura is the first mobile Dictation System. So far, doctors and lawyers use the service of a Schreibburos v. a.: it is estimated that they give up about 90% of all dictation. But with elaura this service has taken the leap in mobility now it is virtually possible to work productively during car rides, walks or between two events and to access his personal Secretary. Elaura short profile: elaura is the first secure mobile Dictation System. Conventional Dictation methods are superseded by this unique mobile system. elaura needed only a mobile phone and thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility and location independence. The service works in completely anonymous and encrypted. Business appointments, important notes, spontaneous ideas and memories – with elaura journalists, doctors, students, u.v.m.