Leaf Days

A model of public administration, with full attendance of these politics, is rare currently. Brazil is a great example of the indifference of our governing. The disrespect to the right of the citizens for health, education and security, turned routine. The necessary Brazilian citizen if to capsize to survive. Its humble wage finishes directing good part to take care of to it these necessities, that is, with particular schools and expensive plans of health. Services that would have to be offered with quality for the government. According to one it searches of the Leaf of So Paulo of day 13 of September of 2007, the Brazilian middle class, that is, the families who earn between 3 and 10 a thousand Reals, of the 365 days of the year, 116 days of these families are destined to pay to buy private services of health, education, providence, security and toll.

It must to stand out that this research still remembers that these same families already spend five months of the year to only pay tributes. These data disclose facts alarming. If the middle class only works five months to more pay to taxes and 116 days for private services, for where goes this money of the taxation that is collected by the government? He is obvious that it needs to be destined in the implementation of these politics that would have to be public, but that in Brazil they are private. It must be standed out that the citizen who does not have conditions to have a health plan, is the grace of the abuses and the lack of respect gifts in the public services. Lines in the public hospitals, people agonizing in the corridors, waiting hours for a precarious attendance, are common scenes in our country. This indifference with the health, not only affects the work directly, but also it can harm indirectly in the educational process.