Paraguayan Uruguay

Should be noted that Guarani is today the official language of Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina (Corrientes Province). Likewise, the Chamber of representatives of the Republic of the Uruguay also, at the time, gave its support to this project of recognition. That, is for these reasons equally, we ask your brokerage, in his capacity as President Pro-Tempore of the MERCOSUR, in favour of the adoption of this important claim. The ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI is a Paraguayan entity recognized by law 2574, as an institution of higher education, with autonomy and University rank, responsible for cultivating and disseminating language and culture Guarani. The ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI develops Guarani language courses and cultural advocacy in 100 districts of Paraguay; and it has regional in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, United States and Italy. Without further ADO, do propitious occasion to greet V.E.

with my maitei horyveva. David Galeano Olivera Director General of the ATENEO. Tel: (0059521) 520.276 visit our Web site: EL GUARANI, official language of MERCOSUR Foundation 1. GUARANI is language historical language of the MERCOSUR the 2 of August 1995, with the signing of the Act of Asuncion, signed by the Ministers of education and culture of the countries members of Mercosur, pleaded to the Guarani as the historical language of Mercosur. Although that resolution mostly not added nor rest you much Guarani; However, hopefully, allows us infer that those who took that resolution in 1995 – the four initial members of Mercosur: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil – recognized a common historical origin: Guarani. It is known that before the arrival of the Spanish and Portuguese, the region was the great nation Guarani seat, from the coasts of the Caribbean to the Uruguay and from the Andean estibaciones to the Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, two of the four initial members of the Mercosur countries, maintain their native names: Paraguay and Uruguay.