Basic Sanitation

With regard to the formularization of the public politics of basic sanitation, the bearer of the Serbian must adopt parameters for the guarantee of the essential attendance to the public health, also how much to the per capita minimum volume of water for public supplying, observed relative the national norms to the potabilidade of the water (5). In article 29, Law 11,445/2007 establishes that the public services of basic sanitation will have the support assured economic-financier, whenever possible, by means of remuneration for the collection of the services. However, in the institution of the tariffs, public prices and taxes for the services of basic sanitation will be observed, as line of direction, the priority for attendance of the related essential functions to the public health. Ademais, will be taken in consideration the minimum amount of consumption or use of the service, aiming at to the guarantee of social objectives, as the preservation of the public health, the adjusted attendance of the users of lesser income and the protection of the environment (5). It is important to point out that the Law brings in its bulge a species of protection to the collective health when establishing in the paragraph 3 of article 40 that the interruption or the restriction of the water supply for insolvency the educational establishments of health, institutions and of collective internment of people and the residential user of beneficiary low income of social tariff will have to obey to the stated periods and criteria that they preserve conditions minims of maintenance of the health of the people reached (5). With regard to the Federal Politics of Basic Sanitation, the Law establishes that the Union, in the establishment of its politics of basic sanitation, will observe, as line of direction, improvement of the quality of life and the ambient conditions and of public health.