European Commission

The European Commission elaborated an execution project, already in progress, that it understands the period of 2007 the 2013, I look with it to interact with the too much the excessively deep rules of structural ones, but always conserving the peculiarity protected to the Deep one of Cohesion. Now, ahead of the current economic and financial crisis that reaches the globalizada economy, it remains to know will have some substantial alteration in the views of the available sum to the beneficiary States. The Deep one of Cohesion, for the joined difficulties of the States Members in inside reducing the inaqualities of the block, that is, becomes necessary a cooperation accented, robust of the aid of the European Union more to minimize the inaqualities between its pairs with the end to bring economic and financial balance to the block. Better briefing and to only visualize the difficulty of if entering the block and, still, to be beneficiary of the Deep one of Cohesion; for a country to candidatar (this it will only occur with the fulfilment of some disposals) some requirements that are the investments weighed in infrastructure, reduction of the budgetary dfice and beyond everything to control the public accounts, with the fiscalization accomplishes of the European Commission. Ahead of these difficulties imposed to the ingression, in which interest did not despertava and was, practically, impracticable to the countries with the low GIP, therefore, exactly after belonging to the block, they would be years light of those European powers, as, for example: Germany. It was of this proposal that was born the Treat one to Maastricht that guaranteed the creation to it of a deep one specifies to diminish the regional inaqualities, was the wakening of the interest of the countries there candidates, because when adhering and entering, effectively, to the block, the European Union, if compromises to help them financially, with the objective biggest to bring the economic and financial equality of the States Members.